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Locus Assignment help has team of qualified academic writers, this Unit 3 Organisational Behavior Assignment discuss employee effort for the Organisational. Locus Assignment help has team of qualified academic writers, this Unit 3 Organisational Behavior Assignment discuss employee effort for the Organisational Unit 3 Organisational and. Nov 22,  · Writing an organizational behavior assignment involves a lot of research. Students would be required to demonstrate their communication skills and information literacy through their assignment. Organizational behavior assignments are challenging and consume a . Online Help in Organizational Behavior Assignment. An organization is basically made up of a group of people who interact with each other in order to achieve a goal or reach some certain specific destination. Organizational behavior, often abbreviated as OB is the study of the way of interaction between the different individuals in a group/5.

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Organization behavior is a type of study which is described about the activity and performance of individual and group within the organization. Due to this aspect, the present report is focused on describing the structure and culture of different organization.

Along with this, it will include the description of various learning styles that can be used by the management of company to lead employees in an effective manner. Charted Management Institute is one of the leading professional bodies in UK which works is to provide better advice to individuals and businesses for the purpose of developing management and leadership skills in order to motivate others to work effectively Purpose of Chartered Management Institute, On the other hand, Chartered Institute of personal and development is also a growing professional association in UK whose aim to ensure the development of human resource management professionals.

In order to perform their business activities in a systematic manner, management of both institutions needs to maintain its organizational structure and culture, organizational behavior assignment.

In case of Charted Management Institute, line organizational structure is adopted in which vertical relationships are existed in between several levels of management in the firm.

With the help of this structure, decision can be taken very quickly and information can be transferred easily in between top, middle and lower management Jafri, While in case of Chartered Institute of personal and development, divisional organizational structure is adopted in which following basis such as function, product, geographical territory, project and combination approach are used to form different departments.

With the help of this structure, organizational behavior assignment, tasks can be completed effectively through dividing those tasks as per the departments. In case of organization culture, Charted Management Institute adopts role culture in which roles, responsibilities and authorities are assigned to individuals at workplace according to their position.

While, Chartered Institute of personal and development is focused on adopting the task culture at workplace in which various departments are developed to handled different types of activities Knights and Willmott, Organization structure is mainly focused on the proper allocation, organizational behavior assignment, coordination and supervision of resources organizational behavior assignment workplace for the purpose of fulfilling the business objectives of organization Luthans and Avolio, It supports company to determine the ways through which roles, responsibilities and authorities can be assigned, controlled and coordinated to the human resources of company in an effectual manner.

With the help of organization, management of both institutions can deal effectively with human resources in order to complete their work effectively. Along with this, it also helps business entity to understand the needs and issues of employees along with resolving those issues and fulfilling their needs.

In the preset era, human resources are considered as the most valuable assets of company so that maintaining a strong relationship with them is very necessary for both companies. Due to this, better availability organizational behavior assignment structure will support company to maintain a good relationship with workforce and providing them healthy environment Saks and Gruman, On the other hand, organizational culture involves a range of beliefs, shared values and assumptions that assists human resources to behave ethically and effectively in the organization.

With the help of organizational culture, organization will be able to maintain friendly environment at workplace and it is also helpful for company in reducing the level of employee turnover.

Leadership style is a type of framework that assists mangers and leaders to motivate employees, render them proper direction and implement plans and policies for making better environment at workplace. With the help of learning style, organizational behavior assignment, management of Charted Management Institute will be able to maintain good relationship with employees at workplace in an effective manner Bratton and et, organizational behavior assignment. Leadership style is focused on influencing the behavior of workforce organizational behavior assignment rendering them better opportunities along with providing them healthy and friendly environment.

Work environment can be considered as a location where in various business activities are performed by the human resources of company. Work environment includes the geographical location as well as overall surrounding at workplace Explanation of work environment, Individual behavior depends mostly upon the work environment where in they performs their professional activities. In order to deal effectively with workforce, organizational behavior assignment, management of institution should focus on maintaining positive and healthy environment at workplace.

For that, it is requited for them to understand the needs and issues of employees in an effectual manner. Empowerment can be defined as a management practice which is focused on sharing information, organizational behavior assignment, authorities, responsibilities and rewards with employees in order to make them capable in taking decisions for resolving work based problems along with improving the performance and service of organization Zhang and Foo, In case of Charted Management Institute, empowerment will be helpful for modifying the behavior of individuals in a positive direction through enhancing the level of their skills and abilities with the help of rendering responsibilities and authorities to them.

These factors can be identified through using the theory of Henry Fayol that is related to the management of workplace practice. These theories and integrated factors with it are as follows:, organizational behavior assignment.

According to this theory, there are six functions that needs to be considered by Charted Management Institute at the time of managing its workplace practices such as forecasting, planning, organizational behavior assignment, organizing, coordinating, controlling and commanding Jafri, Along with this, it is described about 14 principles that can be considered as the factors that needs to be focused by the management of institution while managing organizational behavior assignment business activities.

These factors are:. Main aim of this essay is to evaluate the importance of team or group work at workplace and identifying the better ways through which team work can be improved in Charted Management Institute.

Group is a combination of several individuals that work together according to a plan in order to achieve the business goals and personal objectives in an effective manner. Group can be classified in formal and informal on the basis of nature. Working in a group is very beneficial for each individual to enhance their knowledge by sharing their thoughts, suggestions and ideas with each other Saks and Gruman, Along with this, it is also beneficial for organizational behavior assignment members to complete their work on time as they can take the help of each other in any emergency.

On the same side, team work is helpful for company to enhance the productivity of employees by involving the concept organizational behavior assignment healthy competition at workplace.

While, group behavior can be defined as the level of coordination, interaction and communication in between all the team members as well as team leader. Group behavior must be friendly, healthy, ethically and respectfully in the nature. Group behavior of individuals depends mostly upon the culture and structure of organization so that management needs to maintain their organizational culture and structure in an effective manner in order to ensure the effectiveness of group behavior Tohidi, Furthermore, group behavior of individuals is differ from formal group to informal group, organizational behavior assignment.

Description of different types of formal and informal groups is as follows:. Formal group organizational behavior assignment an amount of individuals who are belonging to same organization and in this, groups are formed for the purpose of business. Types of formal groups are as follows:.

Informal groups are not created and controlled by the management of organization. These groups are formed naturally without involving any plan and these are created for the purpose of making social contact and interaction Schermerhorn organizational behavior assignment et, organizational behavior assignment. Several kinds of informal groups are as follows:, organizational behavior assignment. In the modern era of technological advancement, availability of new and innovative technology play an important role in the development and productivity of individuals as well as organization.

In case of team functioning, modern day technologies are very helpful in enhancing the level of communication, coordination and record keeping of information French and et.

Along with this, it is beneficial for team to exchange information in an effective manner from one person to another. With the help of information and technology, Charted Management Institute cam improve the level of its team functioning by including different types of tools and techniques at workplace. These techniques are mentioned below as:. With the help of video conferencing, face to face communication can be conducted between managers and team leaders of different branches in order resolve their business issues and sharing their business ideas with each other.

Mobile is one of the effective methods of communication through which individuals can talk to each other although they are working in different countries, cities and offices Zhang and Foo, With the help of mobile technology, organizational behavior assignment, team members can contact easily to their team leader at the time of any emergency.

With the help of E-mail, manger can inform their team members about their daily tasks and activities in an effectual manner. By using this technology, same information can be shared to various employees at the same time. This system is used to collect, store, modify and retrieve data in a systematic manner in order maintain records of all transaction. With the help of this technology, team members can use existing data in future by recording all of their organizational behavior assignment data in a secure manner Saks and Gruman, Data base management system has the capacity of recording millions of data for the several years, organizational behavior assignment.

From the above study, it has been concluded that organizational culture and structure are very organizational behavior assignment for organization to maintain better relationship with customers and rendering them better working environment at workplace. Other than this, learning styles are also beneficial for team leader to guide their team members in an effectual manner. At last, organizational behavior assignment, it has been identified that team work helps organization to fulfill its objectives in a better way and in very less time.

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