I Need to Write a Business Plan for my Horse Business. Where Do I Start?


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Ereidi Farm horse training business plan executive summary. Ereidi Farm is an ongoing business providing colt training, broodmare care, racehorse rehabiliation and other services to the Thoroughbred racehorse industry. A love of horses and the ability to manage a business is just the start when it comes to opening your own equine facility. You also need a business plan that details the costs associated with all of the equipment and stock you must buy to make the facility viable. Besides giving you an operational guide for running. Become an exclusive Equestrian Professional Member and get instant access 24 hours a day, days a year to the most extensive collection of horse business resources in the world! When you become a member you get instant access to: Over current pages + new weekly content just for horse professionals and horse business owners.

A Sample Horse Boarding Business Plan Template

Are you about starting a horse boarding business? Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a horse boarding business, equestrian business plan. Starting a horse boarding business requires proper planning and management in order for it to become profitable. However, experience is a very vital component and so any entrepreneur looking to start this business must either have extensive experience working with horses or be ready to hire those that have the experience.

The facility to be used for this business must be properly equipped with the required equipment and easily accessible equestrian business plan staff and clients. The facility must also be one that properly complies with state and local regulations and must be deemed conducive for both horses and staff. Just like any business, starting a horse boarding business requires taking an in-depth evaluation of the business. The business consultant equestrian business plan also proffer strategies that should make the business stand out from others, equestrian business plan.

Another important aspect of any start-up is a business plan. Below therefore, is a sample horse boarding business plan template.

Entrepreneurs in the horse boarding business require not only a high level of experience and knowledge in managing horses but also in managing people as well. Also, for a business of this nature to succeed, it must be located in a good location, have strong financial resources as well as the right mix of facilities and services equestrian business plan the market.

The major clientele for a horse boarding business are horse owners and so it is usually ideal for the boarding facility to be located 20 miles from a major population centre with a high equestrian business plan of these horse owners, equestrian business plan.

The demand for horse boarding services is usually due to several factors such as the numbers of horses in that location, the income levels of the horse owners as well as the number of horse lovers or those who ride horses or leisure or for competitive purposes.

Growth is however on the negative for this industry as the years between and saw a negative growth of 2. The numbers of horse boarding facilities in the United States of America are overthat has employed more thanpeople.

The changes in the downstream demand for horses as well as services for these animals will be a positive factor that will propel the growth of the industry between the period of to The growth in the economy will ensure that demand is adequately stimulated to increase the revenue for this industry. The growth in the economy will also see more individuals get employed and have disposable income to invest in racehorses, spend at horse tracks, and also purchase horses for recreational and other purposes.

According to IBISWorld, the growth that was experienced by this industry was erased following the recession that the United States economy went through. This is because customers during the recession were unwilling to purchase horses either for recreational of professional purposes. This caused a plunge in demand which saw revenue falling in and continuing its freefall till Even though the industry has equestrian business plan experiencing a slight growth, it is yet to fully recover as revenue was equestrian business plan to fall annually by 2.

We are in business to cater to the needs of casual and professional clients, and will offer our various services which include horse sales, consultancy and training services in addition to our boarding services. Our vision is to be the preferred horse boarding equestrian business plan here in Central Oklahoma by for all our clients all over the United States of America due to our standard operations and quality services and to achieve this, we intend to offer quality and standard professional services and also build the best business structure.

Oklahoma is regarded as the fourth city for horse lovers all over the country and so we are strategically located in an area that affords all horse lovers easy access to our facility. Our location is in a safe and secure environment and is also conducive for staff and horses. We offer a quality business standard and can be trusted to deal transparently with our various clients.

We have high ethics when it comes to caring for the horses and we ensure that all our amenities are above board. We are concerned with our business structure and so we have hired the best and competent staff to help in handling several of our operations and services here at Quest Horse Boarders, LLC. Our employees are not only professionals but understand the industry and how best to ensure that our business attains its desired goals and objectives.

We will ensure that our employees are well paid with a welfare package that would rival those of their colleagues in similar start-ups here in Oklahoma. We will also ensure that our employees undergo training as well to ensure that their skills are enhanced. Finally our owners have the right experience to ensure that the business achieves its desired goals and objectives. Matthew has over 20 years experience in this industry, while his wife Victoria has over 15 years experience in management level.

Even though Quest Horses Boarders, equestrian business plan, LLC has a core service it intends to offer to its various clients, there are also other forms of products and services that will be offered so as to meet the various needs of employees, equestrian business plan. These other services and products that will be offered are part of our strategy to create multiple sources of income so as to boost our earnings and ensure that our bottom line can sustain our business for a long time to come, equestrian business plan.

Even though we are exploring all other avenues of making profit, we intend to ensure that all avenues used are legitimate according to the permissible laws of the United States of America. Therefore below are some of the products and services we intend to offer. Our vision is to be the preferred horse boarding facility here in Central Oklahoma by for all our clients all over the United States of America due to our standard operations and quality services, equestrian business plan.

Having a solid business structure is very important if one intends to start and run a business properly without hitches. It is therefore important to us to ensure that our business runs smoothly and so we intend to hire the right employees who are not only professionals but competent, and who also thoroughly understand the business and will help us achieve our intended goals and objectives.

We intend to treat our employees fairly by ensuring that they work in a conducive environment and that they undergo continuous training to enhance their skills. Our management team will have a stake in the business and this will enable them take the business seriously as their own. This will also make them understand where we are going and ensure that they communicate our policies to lower employees whilst also ensuring that they these policies are fully implemented.

We intend to offer other services in addition to our boarding facility service and this will mean that we will need to hire various employees that will help us handle all these services, equestrian business plan. All our employees will be well paid with a performance appraisal carried out every now and then to ensure that hard-working employees are well rewarded as they should be. Due to the fact that we expect to excel in this business, we have decided to hire the services of a reputable business consultant who thoroughly understands the horse business and will help us know what will be needed to run a standard horse boarding business.

The business consultant who also understands our business environment due to the fact that they are native to Oklahoma will look through our business concept to decide if our business will thrive, make profit and also favorably compete against other competitors in this line of business.

Due to our request, the business consultant was able to take stock of our strengths, weaknesses, equestrian business plan, opportunities and threats and use that to determine what we were likely to face here in Central Oklahoma as well as in the whole of the United States of America as well, equestrian business plan.

As a relative new business, we have several advantages working in our favor. We have a strong relationship with several associations and this means we are correctly positioned in getting reliable vendors for all the necessary services and products we intend to offer. We also have a full team of professionals that understand horses thoroughly and how to care for them.

All our employees take good equestrian business plan of horses and do not subject them to cruel treatment, equestrian business plan. We also offer excellent customer care to our clients who have enabled us to retain a high number of our clients and make them equestrian business plan only loyal to us but to also refer our business to others.

Finally our owner has over 20 years experience in the field that will ensure that we not only attain our desired goals and objectives but that we remain in business for a long time, equestrian business plan. Our weakness stem from our relative newness in the market, and the limited budget we have in terms of vigorously promoting our business to allow our target market become fully aware of us.

Also, we have a limited capacity as to the number of horses we can board or a certain period of time, equestrian business plan.

Horses are used for different purposes, equestrian business plan, recreation, sports and work; and so various opportunities are opened to us in this market as there are various clients that would make use of our facilities.

Also, the fact that we will be boarding more than one horse would mean that our fixed costs will remain the same no matter the number of horses we have. Even though every business either start-up or fully operational will face threats every now and then, we are fully prepared for that which we are likely to encounter. The threats that we would likely face in the course of running our business include the arrival of new competitors into the same location where we are operating from here in Central Oklahoma.

Another threat we are likely to face include having challenges health wise with the horses we board and getting used by owners; a downturn in the economy which will result in less people wanting to own horses much less spend on boarding facilities. However, in order to equestrian business plan this threat, we intend to offer other services as well.

There are over 9 million horses that are being used in the United States yearly for sports and recreation purposes, which has not only led to a strong demand for the horse boarding business but one that is growing steadily as well. The horse boarding business is usually for private individuals and commercial owners. Most people buy a horse but have nowhere to put them, also most people need somewhere their horses can be trained, while equestrian business plan owners want a place where the horses can get quality care.

Those in this business usually offer additional services to their core service with the intention of gaining more customers that would increase revenue and also boost the bottom line of the company. These services can be hosting special horse-related events, selling horses and participating in auctions on behalf of their clients, or selling other horse related products, in order to gain a huge share of the market, equestrian business plan.

The industry is experiencing intense competition and so entrepreneurs have raised the standards in order to favorably compete and also gain a huge share of the market, equestrian business plan. Most owners have deployed the use of technology so that clients that are not so close can keep up with happenings in the industry as well as in the business.

Also, operators in this industry are seeking various avenues to increase sales by getting involved in outdoor events and activities, equestrian business plan. Determining our target market is very important as it allows us better understand who our target market is while also helping us draft effective strategies that would help us gain a huge share of the market.

We know that our target market is determined by our location and we would love to point out that we are located in a strategic area that would allow us have several opportunities to tapping into other markets that are around our location.

In correctly determining our target market, we have conducted a market research that would help identify our target market and their characteristics, equestrian business plan, so we not only know what they expect from us but what strategies would better work on them.

Therefore, from our analysis we are in business to offer our horse boarding facility services to the following group of people.

Quest Horse Boarders, LLC is a horse boarding facility that is not only established to make profit to horses that are used for recreation, competition and other purposes here in Central Oklahoma.

We have been established to ensure that we offer all our clients, standard and quality service, the kind that cannot be offered by our close competitors, equestrian business plan, which has allowed us to have a competitive edge over our competitors, equestrian business plan.

Part of our competitive advantage is in the offering of additional services to our core boarding service. These services include sale of horses and other related products.

We also intend to offer membership lease as well as consultancy services and trainings to our various clients and their horses, equestrian business plan, which will allow us have the edge we deserve over our customers. We are using employees that are professionals and are highly competent. Our employees not only understand the industry and all the trends within the industry, they also understand our core principles and have the equestrian business plan experience necessary to ensure that our business can acquire its intended goals and objectives.

This has made our employees see themselves as equestrian business plan in our business and allow them become fully committed. Another advantage we have over our competitors is the fact that we are paying our employees very well especially when compared to similar start-ups such as ours across the industry.

We also have great welfare packages for our employees as well as other incentives especially for those that are very committed and have shown the required productivity necessary to ensure that the business attains its desired goals and objectives.

Our final advantage over our competitors come from the fact that we take good care o our customers hereby allowing us retain a huge number of these clients as compared to our competitors. Also, our customer database has enabled us to be able to follow up loyal customers and give them advice and tips wherever necessary. Just like any other business, equestrian business plan, Quest Horse Boarders, equestrian business plan, LLC is established with sole aim of making profit from its horse boarding business.

Due to this, we are going to ensure that we achieve our aim of making profit in this industry by offering our clients several services. Quest Horse Boarders, LLC intends to generate income by offering the following products and services.

The fact that 9 million horses are used in the United States for sports and recreation annually, means there is a strong demand equestrian business plan boarding facilities, where horses can not only receive proper instruction and training as well as board. This means that the demand will continually increase. We are strategically equestrian business plan in Central Oklahoma and are therefore fully positioned to equestrian business plan a huge share of the market especially as Oklahoma is the fourth highest city where horse lovers reside as well as visit, leading to the possibility of a huge demand for boarding facilities.

However, to ensure that we carry out an accurate analysis of the projected revenue that our business would make, we hired the services of a reputable business consultant to use data and assumptions from similar start-ups such as ours and conduct an analysis that would help us determine our chances of not only generating revenue but reaching out target in as few months as possible. Below is the sales projection that was conducted on behalf of Quest Horse Boarders, LLC which was based on several assumptions and data.

B: It should be noted that the above sales projection which was conducted for a three year period was based on the several assumptions and data that was available during this period. No business can survive if it does not adequately market its business thoroughly, because not only is revenue generated for the company through marketing, awareness is also created for the company as well.

This is why companies not only take time to draft their marketing strategies but also ensure that they create a marketing budget in order to effectively ensure that drafted strategies are implemented.


A Sample Horse Riding Business Plan Template


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underestimating business-related expenses; If you want to start a horse business, you need to know what these things are. If you're not sure, you've come to the right place. Browse this site for gold nuggets of information and useful tips on making your horse training or horse boarding business succeed! A business plan is vital even if you already own horse property and plan to expand its use to boarding horses and giving lessons. Without one, you may not realize the hidden costs involved in turning your hobby into a business. It takes a bit of time and thought to putting together a good business plan, but in the long run you will be glad you did. Mar 05,  · “A business plan doesn’t have to be a specific length,” Mather said. “The quality of the plan is important, and the type of business will also determine the length. Many plans are long, but say nothing.” Every business plan opens with an Executive Summary, a concise explanation of your expectations for the stable or farm. The Author: Katie Navarra.